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Launch Event

Vittoria Chocolates, a single-origin artisanal chocolate, proudly announces its distinguished product line’s launch of three new delectable flavours. Since its inception in 2022, Vittoria Chocolates has passionately crafted single-origin bean-to-bar ethical chocolates, with a mission to bring ‘Vittoria’ (Italian for victory) to local farmers affected by the post-pandemic and economic challenges in Sri Lanka.

About Us

Vittoria started in 2022, making artisan handcrafted single origin bean to bar chocolates, in hope of bringing ‘Vittoria’ (Italian for victory)to local farmers, affected by the post pandemic economic crisis of Sri Lanka, as it faced unprecedented food shortages and hyperinflation. Sourcing the finest quality cocoa beans and other ingredients such as Ceylon cinnamon and cashew nuts directly from farms, we are able to produce the best chocolates to compete with top international brands, while ensuring sustainability. We go above and beyond paying a fair price for our cocoa beans, which then follow a detailed Bean-to-Bar process.

Message From the Founder

We make great products because we care, we care about where are
ingredients come from, we care about how our people are treated,
every decision we make is based on creating the finest sensorial
experience while consuming our chocolate bars.

Thisura .G

Our Collection

What Matters to Us

Every bite of Vittoria is ethical, our products are GMO free, Vegan friendly & use ingredients sourced exclusively from certified suppliers that practice sustainable harvesting, do not employ child labour & pay fair dispensation to employees.